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Whoops, Missed a day

Accidentally missed a day. Then, the website had an error and deleted my previous post... but if the past three days have taught me anything, it's perseverance.

The reason I am late for this post was because I have spent the last three days participating in Self-Publishing School's Author Advantage Live (AAL) event. It's a three day boot camp that covers nearly everything you had questions about for self-publishing, and in a unique, engaging, and extremely informative way. Writing a story, building an author website (definitely need to work on mine... eventually), building an author brand, social media posts that are engaging, how to launch properly, how to maintain momentum after your launch. It's a lot.

My brain is still exhausted after 11 hours of sleep last night. But it was totally worth it.

If there are any authors interested in self-publishing who read this, I highly recommend you check out SPS, if nothing else for AAL. The atmosphere was lively and fun, the speakers' energy was infectious, and they were almost constantly pouring distilled and quality information straight into my brain.

As I said, I am still tired, and a little overwhelmed, by how much I now know I still have to do. But that's just it. I now KNOW what I have to do. They have given me a map with which to navigate the world of self-publishing, rather than my having to bushwhack my way through (and probably falling off several cliffs in the process).

So, more than exhausted and overwhelmed, I am excited. I can't wait to begin.

Next stop, editor, cover artist, formatter, and meeting with a coach to refine my plan of attack. ONWARDS!

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