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Update on Stories Thus Far

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Hello Everybody,

If you haven't checked out my 'BOOKS' page, you can find there 3 stories so far, all of which can be found on wattpad, inkitt, and litnet (links can be found in the 'BOOKS' page).

The Under the Shadow of Night, the full-length novel I have written, and the first installment of the Fateshaper Trilogy. It is a more mature YA (I would say ages 16+) fantasy novel involving demons, angels, and questions about human nature.

The second story is a novel in progress called Dush and Ash. It is a more mature semi-grimdark fantasy novel that focuses more on political questions rather than metaphysical ones. I currently have 9 chapters posted, and more written but which need to be edited. Overall, I'd say I'm about 1/4 of the way through the story (it's gonna be a long one).

Lastly, I have a short story called Loneliness and Reconciliation. It is more of an... urban fantasy? Ish? Modern day fantasy, we'll put it that way. It's about how vulnerability is required to live a fulfilling life.

I will be making regular updates as to where I am with developments on each story/series and my plans for future projects. Stay tuned!

Also, enjoy the book cover I made yesterday for Dusk and Ash! I'm quite happy with it. If you would like me to make any art for one of your projects or just interested in seeing what I can do, hit me up. Would happily share some work.


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