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Launch Team, Go!

Hello Everyone,

If you are interested in sci-fi/fantasy stories, I am creating a launch team for my upcoming debut novel “Chiral: Book I of the Affix Trilogy”. I plan to actually launch the book in mid-June, but I am in need of beta-readers who can buy the book, leave reviews, and promote it the day of launch. When you sign up for the launch team, you WILL NOT be subscribed to my newsletter, as I don’t want to bombard you with unwanted emails. However, if you enjoy the story and want more content, you can sign up for my newsletter at , and you will receive a free short story that provides a backstory for the world and one of the main characters.

The book description is as follows:

“A mystic has been forced to my home of Sola, wielding a suppressed power that flips the world I know on its head. And I, Raign Yrth, am going to take that power for my own.”

Thaum grants the ability to manipulate objects and augments physical capabilities. It is the source of the royal bloodline’s power and legitimacy. It is also illegal on pain of death.

The enigmatic substance is how Raign Yrth, son of the mob boss Fyr Yrth, gets a cutting edge over his enemies. Although Thaum can melt the imbiber from the inside out or drive them mad, it is the greatest weapon known throughout the Crescent Coast — in the hands of those who have the will, intelligence, and skill to use it effectively.

That is, until Raign encounters a captured mystic who can use magick without the use of Thaum. A woman whom every major player in Auretheos is scrambling for, including rival gangs, the Queen, and even Raign’s own father. The power she holds will determine who controls Sola, the capital of Auretheos, and by extension, the entire Crescent Coast. Maybe even beyond.

And that’s a prospect Raign Yrth would never pass up.

Chiral: Book I of the Affix Trilogy is a debut YA sci-fi/fantasy action and adventure novel for young and new adults. It is a metaphysical and visionary story that follows a young mobster in a world where fantasy and technology coexist. Themes include political conflict, revolution, and coming of age.

If this sounds like a story that would interest you, you can click the following link to where you can download the story for free.

If you are joining the launch team, I would ask you to do one of three things:

  1. Buy the book when it comes out ($.99 on Amazon).

  2. Buy the book when it comes out and leave a review within a few days of launch.

  3. Buy the book, review it, and promote it on social media around launch time.

Even if you only buy the book the day of launch, I will be extremely grateful for your support and patronage. However, reviews would be the most helpful, as they provide social proof for other potential readers as to the quality of the book. Also, if you leave a review, I would encourage you to be completely honest with it. If you don’t like parts of the book, or the book as a whole, I am fine with you saying as such. I welcome all genuine feedback, because that is the best way for me to grow as a writer.

If you want to go above and beyond and promote the book, that would be amazing.

I hope you enjoy the story, and I look forward to working with you.


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