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Bit of a Change of Pace...

Well, to say that I burned out from trying to do social media and keep up my posts while trying to edit be productive with writing on top of everything else in my life... is an understatement. I have a tendency to go hard and fast with things, especially giving my all to new things, to the point that it is unsustainable and then becoming demoralized and self-critical when I can't keep up the pace.

Fortunately, I have done this enough times to recognize this pattern and realize that I am not a failure, or a bad writer, or doomed to fail. I just need to adjust, re-calibrate my approach, and find what works. A post a week on this site was feeling redundant, a chore, and eventually I just was running out of things to write. I needed time to let things germinate, sow the fields of my mind and let things grow so that I would have things that truly matter to share with you all. Quality over quantity.

So, my new plan is to make a new post the first weekend of every month, giving you updates and any insights I've had. Nice and easy. Leisurely, even. Much more my style.

In terms of where I am at with my new book "Chiral", I am close to halfway done with the semi-final edits from my developmental editor (Zac Tighe of; cannot recommend him enough, as he has an incredibly deep and poignant understanding of what makes a story resonate with readers). After that, my editor and I will go over the book one more time to make sure everything was addressed and in tip-top shape, during which time I will be working out a cover design and getting a formatter for an e-book. From there, it's planning my launch.

A journey is made one step at a time.

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